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I want to breed My little one, but I'm so scared, she is just like my baby and if anything went wrong I'd die. Any tips to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth?

Tina sherrodd
First of all, welcome to you and Cricket!

With regards to breeding: Have you ever bred dogs before, especially Chihuahuas? If not, I'd recommend against it. First of all, it is prohibitively expensive. You would need to get Cricket's knees and eyes checked and certified and do all other health testing on her. Then, when it is time for her to whelp, you would need to be prepared to spend up to $2,000 or even more if she ends up needing an emergency c-section, as many Chihuahuas do because of their small size. There is also a great risk that you may lose the puppies and even Cricket- there are a ton of things that can go wrong, especially with an inexperienced breeder.

Did you compare her to your country's breed standard (In the US, it's AKC, in Canada, it's CKC, in UK it's the KC, in Europe it's FCI I believe)? If she is not registered with any of those registries, do not breed her. How will she better the breed? Think about looks, genetics, and temperament.

There is no way to ensure a completely healthy, safe birth for our tiny dogs. Even the most experienced breeders often end up losing their girls or the pups or both. So I would think long and hard about breeding before you do so. Also, if you decide you want to breed, find an experienced mentor and research everything BEFORE you do it, to make sure you are prepared.

Overall, I would not recommend breeding her and neither would most people here.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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