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~New Video Clips...~

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This website is brilliant, I think it's great seeing people's beloved Chi's!!
Come on people, put more up! :wave:

She's so funny with that ball...
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That is cool. I love those ball playing videos. She looks like she is having a blast. How old is she?
Aw thankyou :)
She really loves that tennis ball, it's only an inch each way but so bouncy.
And she's fetching and bringing it back really well!

She's 10 weeks :wave:
did i mention i love lexi :D she's the most beautiful !!

kisses nat
I love her too! She is SO pretty! :) In the first video it looks like she notices that you have the camera and says, "Hey! Cut that out! I'm trying to play here!" :D
What a cutie! Sure looks like she love that ball! She's quick too! :D
Awwww, how cute...... Every one seems to posting videos lately, are you guys doing that with your digital camera's? I have that feauture just haven't tried it...
what grea videos! she looks like she is having so much fun!!!!!
Thankyou for all the lovely comments :)

I use the video section of my digicam, it's really handy.
Pictures are great, but they only isolate one split-second of personality. :wink:
awwww shes such a hunnie!
Awwwww Iona I melt every time I see Lexi, shes perfect!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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