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newbie an lovin it

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My dad had a tan chihuahua named pal and I loved him so much. when I got older and had my three children, I decided when my youngest just turned 11 that it was time for a new baby in the house. so I searched for brandy. lo and behold she was just two towns over and waiting for me to arrive. she has been such a joy. my husband children and I decided to make a major move across country from New Hampshire to Arizona and Brandy and I bonded very well during this trip. she rode with me while my husband rode in the truck. for 7 days, she never left my side or was out or each others sight for more than a minute or two when I had to take a potty break. she is now my world and I would do anything for her. her personality is just what we needed in our home and she is just a joy to bring into our family. i am trying to attach a photo and it says the file is too big. any suggestions?
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Hi and welcome

You need to host it somewhere like and resize it there
I've done the car trip from Mass. to Arizona and back a few times... Plenty of bonding time for sure :wink:
Hello & welcome. We'll be waiting on thosee pics :wave:
picture problem solved

I just figured out how to add my chi picture. check it out on the origional post.
Hello and welcome! :wave: Brandy is beautiful! :wink:
Hello and welcome. :wave: You sound just like an obsessed chi mommy! LOL - there are a lot of us around this site. :lol:
Sweet baby....oh yeah welcome to this great forum :) :wave:
Welcome! :wave: Brandy's a doll and you are smart to be so in love with her. :lol: You should fit in very well here.

Where in MA did you move from? I'm in Lowell. Was it this past winter that finally drove you out? I have friends who just moved to Florida because this winter was more than they could bear.
came from NH

we just got tired of the winter and decided it wasn't fair for brandy to be cold when she needed to go out. sounds like a great reason to move to AZ
Welcome :wave: , she's a sweetheart. That was a lovely narrative. :angel8:
Brandy is beautiful, so glad to have you here :wave:
Welcome!! :wave: Brandy is just perfect!
Welcome...I agree...Brandy does deserve warm weather LOL Wish Bella and I could join her !
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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