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Ive been reading for a couple weeks now, so thought I'd introduce myself.
I've had poodles all my life, til about 10 yrs ago I adopted a 5 yr old chihuahua, retired breeder "Melody". She was the love of my life and passed away last fall. Kidney failure.
I began searching for another chihuahua about 2 mo ago. I adopted a 12 yr old choc boy from the shelter. He is precious.
I have been fostering off and on for about 15 yr and when I adopted "Manny" ( they called him "Old Man" in the shelter) I decided to foster chihuahuas.
Right now I have a 6 wk old girl and her brother, mixes Im sure. (Her mother and another female were dumped out, pregnant) The little girl has bad back legs. One knee is on backwards, and I think the other knee is bad. She has been to vet once, and is going back this thursday to see what needs to be done.
I also purchased a little cute girl , 18 mo old, and 2 weeks after I got her she started spitting up. I couldnt get a handle on that so my vet suggested I take her back to the breeder (her family). I did and I havent heard back to know what , but the breeder told me she just gives them benadryl for a couple days and they are fine. I hope thats all it is, coz Im thinking Mega Esophagus.....

I am a dog groomer of 32 yrs. My little shop is in my backyard. My grandpa was the 'dogcatcher' when I was a kid. Ive seen lots and Im warped! :eek:)

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