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Hey Ya'll! im a newbie here and i love it! i love looking at all the chi pics! How anybody can think a chi is ugly is just beyound me :scratch: Anyways, i have one chi named harley, i just love her so much :love4: shes so cutie and part of that is because her two front feet stick outward!!! My mom and i call her "kitty" as a joke, but recently when we say it, she COMES!!! but she still knows her name. Its soooo cute when she and our pointer lab mix play tug-of-war... she will just hang on and he will walk around the house with whatever they are playing tug with... can u tell i love her? Well, anyways, im glad to be here and i will keep all of u guys posted on Harley and all the other animals... but mostly Harley :D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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