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Newbie Here!

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Hi Everyone! Glad to have found this place. I currently own a 6 month old male yorkshire terrier named Bailey and a 16 month old male dogue de bordeaux named Dozer and am looking to get a male chihuahua. I live in Northern California and am looking for breeders up here. Just thought I'd introduce myself :wave:
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Hello and welcome! :wave:

Where in California are you?
Hello!! Two of my friends have Yorkies. they are just adorable!! Welcome, and hope you find the perfect Chi!!! :D

Hi and welcome! :wave: I hope you find your chi very soon so we can see some pics. :lol: Yorkies are great too. Not very familiar with the dogue de bordeaux but aren't they really big, like mastiffs? Or am I thinking of some other breed? :)
Hi and welcome :wave:
Awww thanks for the warm welcomes :D

Rachael, yes the ddb are a breed of mastiff, the french mastiff.
hi and welcome good luck chi hunting!
Hello :wave: I see that you live in CA. if you are looking for a chi baby well CA. has lot of chi babies in rescue centers by the thousands.WELCOME :wave:
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