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Newbie on forum ear question

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Hello I am a newbie to the forum with my little boy bruiser :) Do anyone have any info on new chi ears? My little one is 7 weeks and am wondering if the ears will erect themselves?
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in time they almost always go up on their own.... welcome to the forum :wave:
Hello & welcome :wave: They probably will but my little boys ears flop at the tips. He can stand them up when he wants but they flop most of the time Not that I care :lol:
In time they should stand up on their own. I was told not to pet my chi on his ears before they stood up it was something about not rubbing them to often or they wouldnt stand I dont know if its true or not. Anyway Welcome
Thanks everyone

thanks everyone for making me feel welcome! auggie and chiwi are too adorable I will soon add a pic of bruiser! I will leave his ears be whether or not they stand I will love him anyway!
chiwi says thanks!

ears up down to the side whatever, it gives em character. :wave:
He is most likely teething, which uses a lot more calcium. You can add a tiny bit of plain yogurt to his food. This will help boost his calcium level. The ears are cute either way! :wink:

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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