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Newbie with a new baby (pic)

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Hi my name is Cherie, and this is my new baby bella! She is 2 months old, and I dont think she even weighs a pound yet. I feed her good food( Nutrience, transition) but she is so active, and Im hoping that she will get a little bigger. Any suggestions on how to get her to stop biting noses would be great! hope to hear from some of you!
Thank you
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:wave: Hello Cherie and Bella :wave: Bella is so cute!! I am not sure what to say about her biting noses. I am trying to get my Little Bit to quit biting my fingers. When she does this I tell her NO! wait a few seconds then give her a chew toy. I hope eventually she will chew on the toy instead of my fingers.
Just keep telling her no and maybe a tiny swat if she persists. I do this with an empty envelope since Marcus has the same habit and it hurts, LOL.
HI :wave: :)

:wave: I always gave a yelp when they would do this and then stop playing w/ them and they ended up not doing it anymore. Also when I go to play w/ them I always go to them w/ a toy so they wouldn't use me as their chew toy :D
Hello and Welcome :hello2:

She certainly is very cute!
Very cute!!!! I just say no bite loud and if I have to clap my hands and say it she stops immediately
:wave: Welcome and you have such a beauty there!
Thanks so much to all of you for your advice and compliments on my bella.. I will take the advice for her nipping....I'm sure it will work.
Thanks again!!
Here is a suggestion for the nose biting- do NOT hit or flick her. The yelping is a great suggestion- she ios probably trying to play with you but nips hurt us more than other dogs-especially on the nose!
If that doesn't stop her you want to make your nose taste really really yucky. There are products liek bitter apple out there but my Keera likes the stuff. It is cheaper and works really well if you use the origional non mint litourine mouthwash. I use it on Keera whenever she gets a hot spot and it works really well. This is aldo great to put on your hands (I am asuming if sh ebites noses and by the picture that she is nibbling your finger). Remember she still has puppy teeth but when she gets adult teeth and is bigger its going to hurt more so you definetly want to nip it in the butt right away. Good luck!

And she is absolutely gorgeous. She is going to be a little girl!
Thanks blue moons....I am going to have to try that bitter apple spray, I keep hearing about it.
Thanks again
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