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I was given my chi from moth mother the christmas before last, honestly I am terrified of small dogs. But this one grew on me, I am so inlove with her. She is my best friend! She is what most people would consider a "toy" she is a mere 3lbs and she is almost full grown. She is very playful, and positively lovey! I just have so many questions and need so much advice about her though.
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Welcome to the forum! I was not a small dog person before we started fostering chis either, but they just grew on me. There is lots of great info and friendly people on this forum, I am sure you can get help with lots of your questions. Your font is very small though- just so you know.
Welcome!! :wave:
You have come to the right place. Would love to see pics :)
Hi and welcome! Chis do grow on you don't they? This is a great forum, lots of nice people and great info here, not to mention really cute pictures. Post some pictures of your guy when ou can.
welcome! :D cant wait to see pics! XD this forum is great for questions! with me being 14 and tillie being my first it has help me sooo much! x
Heres some pics.
One question would be why her eyes are all wet, and then the will get crusty?

Another one is she is sooo skinny we decided to stop feeding her what we eat, and only small breed Nutro, but we havent seen a difference in her weight, the vet says shes fine but if i can feel ribs and see her spine theres gotta be something i can do right?

And shes very clingy, if we leave the house or the car she cries, and when we return shes the happiest dog alive, she sleeps with us also, but shes very stuck on both me and my boyfriend, she makes leaving the house the biggest heart break.

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Welcome, you have come to the right place to find out everything you could ever wish to know about Chihuahuas. I have learnt so much in the 6 months I have been on this site and I know my dogs are better off for it.

Firstly on the weepy eyes thing - A vet can rule out an infection but it is usually poor diet that gives weepy eyes. When my puppy's were on the crappy food the breeder had them on their eyes ran constantly. Now they are on a mix of raw meat and ZiwiPeak and they seldom get runny eyes, except when they dive headfirst into piles of cut grass at the park. There is a whole section her on nutrition that gives heaps of information and should help you make an informed decision on what to feed Lola on whatever your budget may be.

On her weight - if you can feel spine and ribs but not see them she is probably close to ideal weight. If you could post another pic of her in profile without her coat on we could probably tell you. Lots of people think a bit overweight is normal but Chi's (especially the tiny ones) have little joints that can't take the strain of extra weight. I'm currently trying to get 1/2 a pound off my almost 5 lb Chi because he is very fine boned and it's not healthy for him. Again check the nutrition section of the site to help you out.
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Thank you so much. and i will check that out. But what do you mean raw meat, like literally raw meat? lol and i will get a pick of her profile and post, once able. But we are moving in a week so i will have her seen by the best vet out in that area, and also change her nutrition and hopefully everything gets better.
Lovely pooch , cute snuggie i always wondered how they look on dogs :) oh and welcome to the best forum!! :)
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