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Newborn Chihuahua Pups

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My chihuahua just had a litter of 5 pups. I have never seen this before. The first born died after 1 1/2 hours, it was very premature. The last born is still having trouble and I'm working with him. He couldn't breath on his own and now he doesn't want to swallow. Any suggestions? The pups are quite small and petite, nothing like our previous litters which were usually very large pups. Also, two pups were born with stub tails??? I'm shocked, I have never see a Chihuahua with no tail before. Any comments appreciated.
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I would contact your vet immediately - Im not a breeder and not sure about stub tails but it sounds like a defect so i would give the vet a ring Im sorry for your loss - are they suckling ? :wave:
Thank you for your reply. The last pup born is still alive, I'm feeding him with a dropper. The other three are suckling and doing well on their own. I'll give my vet a call this morning. I talked to one of the techs in the office yesterday and was told how to keep the last born going. He's still a little weak but is stronger than last night. Thank you for your information.
good luck and keep us posted I will keep them in my thoughts :wave:
I wish all the luck in the world with these babies...

Hope they get stronger soon.. keep up the good work....

They have little bottles for feeding them at the petstore.. I had to bottle feed Gadget and he did good with the bottle..
Oh my, i wish you and the pups all the luck in the world and i will keep you all in my thoughts! Everything will be ok, he'll pull through it like a champ!
Thank you all for your support. There are some people that tell me to let nature take it's course but I do everything I can before I put them in God's hands. Little Blue (I named the weak pup as he is blue in color with white feet and a white chest) is still hanging on. He is very weak but his mother is keeping him cleaned and warm which is helping alot. She even held him in her mouth while I changed out the dirty bedding. She knows he's very special. I'm still feeding him with a dropper but did fix a bottle for his next feeding. The other 3 pups are thriving well. There is a tan female with white feet and chest, a chocolate female with a stub tail and a black male with white feet, nose and chest with a stub tail. It really helps to know there are other caring people out there, thank you!
Awww, good luck with your litter! I hope they all do well. You're all in our thoughts :)
Poor Little Blue. :( I hope he pulls through. Do keep us posted.
aww wlittle blue sounds like he has 2 wonderful mammas it would be great too see pics of your little ones :wave:
Aww - they sound so adorable. Letting nature take its' course is fine, but nothing says we can't try to help nature along a little by doing all in our power to improve the chances. Keep up the good work.

Please keep us posted. Would love to see some pics when you get a chance.
Congrats on your puppies and positive thoughts for the little one to make it :wave:
Sending positive thoughts to little Blue....I'm glad to hear the other 3 are doing well and mom is so attentive.
Newborn Chihuahua Puppies

Thank you everyone for your sincere thoughts. I have not been able to get away from little blue. Our little angel went to heaven yesterday 24 hours after birth. Unfortunately, he must have been premature because his lungs continued to fill with fluid after his initial problem of not being able to breath at birth. He had a spurt of energy and did finally suckle and eat three times but when I took him from mama for the fourth feeding, he went into distress and died in my hands. One of my dear friends was here and we both tried everything we could but his lungs just weren't ready to function normally. The mucus flowed out of his lungs after he passed on. It was heart breaking. He got alot of love and kisses in his short life and we all kissed him goodbye before we buried him under our tree in the back yard with his brother. We all loved him tremendously. The remaining three pups are doing fine. I'm watching them like a hawk. I will keep you posted. Thank you again.
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:cry: :cry: omg I am so sorry for your loss. You tried so hard to save him. From what you described he was probably very sick. What a good mamma your chi is taking care of him even though he was so sick...most would have refused to nurse and pushed the sick pup away. Have you brought the other three to the vet yet?

How are the other three doing? How is mom doing?
ow no... I was really hoping he would make it....
him and his bro wil watch over mum and sisters!
:angel1: Here is a photo of my Misha, the one who just had a litter of 5 pups. This is one week before she had the pups.
I'm so sorry for your loss. I know you loved the little guy and he had lots of kisses to send him on his way. :cry: I hope the mommy and other pups are doing well.
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