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I took Niko in this morning to get neutered and to get his cherry eye tacked back into place. I took him in at 7 in the morning, and at 9:30 I checked my phone and there were 2 missed calls from the vet. I started freaking out!! I was like oh no! what happened ( guess thats what happens when you are obsessed with your doggie :) ) Anyhoo..turns out that when she pulled back Niko's eyelid to put a stich in there to tack in down, it just popped back in place!! She was calling to ask me if I wanted to go ahead and put a stitch in case it came back up, or to just wait. I decided to just wait...I hope I made the right decision. I got to pick him up at 5 today and he literally leaped from the vet's arms to is not good because they are not suppoed to be active for a few days. Other than that, he is perfectly normal...a little calmer, he is asleep on my lap right now...he wont leave my side :) Sorry so long I just wanted to share my story of the cherry eye! I am soo happy it went down!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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