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No Laramy =O(

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Hi guys!

We decided to NOT get Laramy.
Eventough october is far from now, but we want to FIRST make sure Bentley is under control :wink:
It was a VERY VERY hard desicion, but I think its for the best :cry:

Next year when my Mom in law comes to visit again, and we might have her pick us a up a pup from the states.
One thats very good socialised!!!
Can you guys tell my a homepage from breeders from Ohio? Via privat message of course? That would be great.

Bentley has changed alot, since my last post.
Only today he barked at the kids. But we are moving..and its lots of stess.
The kids and Bentley wanted to be where we are...while the bedroom is cludderd..we were takeing apart the closet and the I can excuse his behavoir :roll:
Other than that hes been a very good boy.
At night he would lay down in bed on my husband and lick his face for ever :lol: I think they are in love now... :D


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You have made a very hard and important decision it obviously wasnt meant to be :wave:
aw sorry to hear !! but i think you made a very good desiscion !!!!
i'm glad bentley is improving !! :wave:

kisses nat
Im glad Bentley im improving :) I know it was a very hard decision not to get the other pup, but i think your doing the right thing waiting until next year. :wave:
your bein very sensible! i think only you know that the time is right and im glad to hear bently is improving! which is great!!
Hi girls!

Of course it was super super hard...but it would of been stupid to get Laramy.
I´m sure we´ll find another very cute & beautyful pup some time later!

But now, Bentley needs all of our attention.


Moving is one of the big stressors in life...the children and Bentley will need time to made the right decision.
Oh what a hard choice. It's probably better though, that like you said you are putting all you have into Bentley. Glad that you're giving him another chance. Some people would have given up on him long ago.
Best wishes
Love Stacy
I know it is a disappointment, but I feel you made the right decision.

Bentley is improving, and needs your full attention and love right now.

Good luck with your move.
I am glad to hear that Bentley is doing better and I echo everyone with regards to you making the right decision for your boy. He does need you to focus on him right now and I am so happy that you are giving him the time he needs.

I don't think you had any real choice but to forget about getting another dog for awhile. Once things have calmed down and Bentley is fully socialized, you can revisit the possibility of another dog. It had to have been tough but I think you've made the most responsible decision. :)
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