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No more Lexi pics! :( sooo upset!!!

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Hey people,

I just thought i'd apologise for not posting much pictures, or regular posts lately.

My camera of 3 years has finally broken! :(
I'm really upset about this, I loved that camera, I relied on it!!
I don't really have the money to splash out on one as good as that at the moment so I don't know how long it'll be till I can post pics again.....
I really loved taking pics of Lexi, they'll always remind me of how much she's grown and changed. I've missed so many wonderful pics lately!

This might seem a bit pointless but I'm really bummed about it, my camera was really important to me. :cry:

Anyone wanna donate a camera?!! lol jk.

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If I had an extra camera I'd gladly give it to you. Maybe you can find a good used one someplace? Do you have a birthday coming up? I hope it works out for you, hon. :)
aww Iona. Check out ebay. theres always cheap second hand cameras on there. And Ill have a camera for tomorrow so they'll be millions or pix of Lexi and Zola then :lol:
I wanna get rid of mine...but my mom says I don't need a new one :x

It's an HP 315 digital camera...with only 2.1 mp...not the best, I know, which is why I don't want it anymore.
That is a big bummer.. I can't live without mine...

hope you can get a new one soon..
Thank goodness it is only the camera! You scared me half to death!!! I thought something had happened to Lexi! :shock:

Sorry about your camera. It would be sad not to get pics of all their changes. :(
Awww....that would bum me out, too. I use my digital all the time. Especially because I scrapbook, too. I don't know if this will help you over there, but QVC (the shopping channel) is having some sort of special sale on Kodak digitals on July 24th. I saw a commercial for it a couple of times. Good luck replacing your camera!
I dont even own a camera :( i just nick my mums!! and use my mobile for taking a lot of pics xx Hope you find a nice camera soon

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