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No Paris this weekend :(

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We were supposed to get our baby Paris this weekend, but she is too small to make the flight here. :( I spoke with her breeder, and we agreed that she is still too tiny to fly (only 1.1 pounds). Now, we are planning on getting her the weekend of July 16-17. Paris turned 10 weeks today, and will be 14 weeks old when we get her. I'm sad she isn't with us, but know it is the best thing for her----and that is what is most important to us.
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that's very responsible of that breeder!!! don't worry you can have her for a lifetime :D

kisses nat
That is an excellent breeder and she will be so worth the wait :D
Yess i agree this is on great breeder,you will have her in no time :) :wave:
Awwwwww thats such a shame but its for the best!!
I think thats the best for Paris. I know that its hard but you will soon be with her. Where is she flying from? :)
She sounds like a very responsible breeder, which should make you feel confident about the health of your furbaby. I know the waiting is hard, but as you said her health is the most important thing.
Awww that's too bad :( But you made the right choice to leave her until she's a little bigger :)
yh i agree, obviously she cares for this little dog, and it will definatley be for the best!
Sounds like a very responsible breeder. It must be awfully hard to wait but you know your little one is going to be healthier for it in the long run. I hope the time just flies for you though!
You must understand also they will not ship if the weather is too 85 or above. the best time to ship a pup is later in the eve. and early morn. relax better safe than sorry. fi it needs weight gain its best to leave her where it is
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