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Our new puppy Carmella is really really bad! Every time she does something bad I try to correct her and tell her, no! But since she is constantly being bad I feel like the word isn't even going to matter to her anymore. But I don't want to let her think that what she is doing is ok either. Her main problem is being really mean to everybody, she bites alot and likes to bully Bitsy. She barks as if she's throwing a fit and always showing her teeth. She bites Bitsy and chases her away from us or off the bed, she's so tiny & it's actually kind of cute but I know we will have problems later if we don't correct her! HELP! Bitsy was such an angel as a puppy, never had any of these problems with her, I don't think my kids even gave me so much trouble! I know she's just a baby and will outgrow alot of things, I mean I HOPE!!
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Aww, sorry you are finding it hard...

Try not to compare her to your other dog. I think puppy behaviour can come as a shock to the system when u are used to a wall behaved adult dog.

With patience and gentle training she will improve. You need to keep working with her, correcting any mistakes etc. Don't let her feel you are getting frustrated with her as this will not help.

She will get better... Time and training ;)
Jazz was a rescue. She was very sick when I first got her, but after she recovered fully, she was a lot like you describe. Tango was so well behaved compared to her. I found it best to deal with her in small doses. She spent a lot of time in her crate or playpen, isolated from everyone. When she was out, my full focus was on her so I could stay constantly on top of her behavior. It was exhausting, but working with her in many short spurts, giving myself and her a frequent breaks by putting her back in her crate or playpen where she couldn't get into any mischief or interact with Tango, made it bearable. And it was, ultimately, worth it. She's very well behaved, (though continues to be way more hyper than Tango) and the biting and growling and other negative behaviors are a thing of the past.
I agree with the above post. Do not let Carmella on the bed. She has to 'earn' that right. She can sleep in her pen. When she does something bad, figure out what you WANT her to do. Biting you---get a rubber toy etc in her mouth asap. If she is biting the other pup---get her interested in something else. In she is insistant, then in the pen she goes til she calms down. She'll get there. Just be consistant and remember you are looking for the behavior of an adult dog. 'Cuteness' doesn't count!! Sue
Hi guys! Thanks for all your advice :)
She is only 10 weeks old so I know we have alot of work to do and that she needs lots and lots of attention. I will definetly be patient and keep trying with her. I'm home with her all day, I don't work so I do have plenty of time with her.
On the up side, she is getting along alot better with Bitsy, I was surprised to find them laying in Bitsy's bed together this morning!
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