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I’m here to see if there is someone out there who has the space and love to rehome our three chis.

I’m ashamed of myself for being in this situation but I ask that you please don’t judge and recognise that I’m trying to do the right thing by 3 small animals over my own heart.

we are based in North Yorkshire. We have a 12 year old girl, 11 year old boy and 8 year old boy. The girl and 8 year old boy and mother and son and deeply bonded.

They are all neutered.

They need a home that they can run freely in and participate in what is going on in and around the house. A nice garden to explore. Someone who has time to dedicate to them. They love walks and playing.

I’m happy to answer questions and discuss in more detail.
This is a heartbreaking step but I know deep down it is the right thing for them.
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