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Nose colour ! ?

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My guy has always had a little black nose , with a tiny bit of brown on
it , recently more of his nose has gone brown . it's not sore or cut etc
and he is fine , just wondered is this just a pigmentation thing ? I'm not bothered
what colour his nose is as long as he is ok :) :?:
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I think its just a pigmant thing - my little guy has a brown nose too.
It's the Dudley nose! Sometimes when they are young, it's black, then changes to brown, and sometimes even back to black later on. No scientific reason why yet, it just happens! The only thing that might worry me would be if Fizzy starts gaining weight rapidly, is lethargic, etc... sometimes it indicates hypothyroidism, but again no concrete research more of a "well-observed" coincidence that's been passed along between vets/techs.

Since everything else is normal, you can probably rule out vitiligo, lupus, squamous cell carcinoma, and contact dermatitis (plastic bowl syndrome).
Thanks you SO MUCH for all your info ,
I really appreciate it , your SO kind :)

I will keep a close eye on him for any other symptoms ....
( Funny thing is I have a serious hypothyroidism problem myself :roll: )

thanks again , thanks for taking the time to reply :)

Sara xx
Sara, did your nose change color too =) :D
My puppy has a black and pink spotted nose! hehe, but he's just a baby so I've been told it will turn to all black (though the spots are soooooo cute!)
ilovesadie said:
Sara, did your nose change color too =) :D
i hope not :D :D :D

i bet everything is ok with fizzy...i would like to see some pics of him though :cry: :wink:

kisses nat :wink:
jacob had a brown nose then i gave him seaweed and its started changing black yay!!!! fizzy is lovely by the way
Bosco's nose sounds like Fizzy Dave's...Here is a picture of it:

I sure hope nothing is wrong with him, either! I assumed it is just a pigment thing.
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Boogaloo , Yeah he looks just like that :) ( handsome :) :D )

lol @ ilovesadie ;) my nose is still fine thanks lol ;) ;)

Thanks for all the ideas :)

Re the seaweed , I had
read that but the only thing that does cross my mind is
seaweed is very high in iodine and high amounts of
iodine is really bad for people with thyroid problems ( like myself) :roll:
so I kinda thought it may not be to good an idea for dogs ? BUT I'm
not sure :?

sara xx
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chihuahua-lady said:
jacob had a brown nose then i gave him seaweed and its started changing black yay!!!! fizzy is lovely by the way
Thank you so much :) he is my best mate :)
Hopefully it is just a pigment change, Fizzy Dave will look handsome no matter what color his nose is..he is the man !
Hi Sarah, I had a labrador whose black nose went pink, from using a plastic water bowl. As long as Fizzy Dave is healthy, as you say, it doesnt matter because he is beautiful! Hugs... :D :wave:
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