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LOL LeStatKelly....

A Chiweenie is a cross between a dachsund and a chihuahua... OmG! When I was doing extreme trail riding out in the New Mexico Sevilleta, huge canyons where we canyon jumped, boulder jumped, trails straight up and down, the trail master had a chiweenie... and that was her name...she was tiny and looked like she had some terrier in her too, long like a dachsund and scruffy... she ran with those horses, jumped boulders, stayed out of the horses way, she was amazing! Then, he would put her up on his saddle and he would ride on the saddle with him, that's when I really started falling for small dogs and started wanting a chihuahua bad.... that little dog was tough. But, after reading stuff on this forum, I would never ever let my little Ty do something like that or even step out unsupervised. Right down the street from my house is a tiny tiny black and tan chi named Baby... him and his sibling are out all the time running up and down the street. They are not very socialized... but, these chis are not babied at all, no pun intended.... lol... and, seem to do just fine, but like I said. Not mine. It killed me to have to leave him to go to work today. It's his puppyhood and I want to be with him every minute. Yeah, the designer dog thing is just a gimmick for people to make big bucks. I like a full blood pug and a full blood chi, but that little trail dog chiweenie was pretty darn cool....
Yeah, these dogs are so much more tougher than people give them credit for. If I had the set up like your trail master, I'd have quite a few of my dogs with me, too. I used to hike and packpack all the time when I was younger and we always took our dogs, especially my brothers little terrier mix. He was tougher than my GSD.
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