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Gizzy got sick a couple of days ago. Throwing up a few times. It was because my mom wont stop feeding him table scraps. Anywho.

He got sick off of his own food and threw that up now he will not go near it. I havn't really noticed because i just leave it out for him and ive been working a lot. My mom mentioned to me she didn't think he eats it. And i said when i was home i havnt seen him touch it either. He hasnt pooped at all today for neither of us. Which is unusual. My mom said she was eating today and he just sat there and cried, and cried. Which he never does. He may beg, but NEVER cries. So she gave him some chicken and said he acted more up beat. (hes been laying in his bed all day) so we think he is just hungry and wont eat it. And not pooping is no good. So i don't know what to so. We thought he might be constipated but Vet said they really don't get that way.

I don't want to change his food. Hes been eating it since he was a pup. I dont want him to get sick because of a change.

Do you think Wet food mix will work until he can see its okay to eat his food again??

What is your opinion.

Thanks. :)
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