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not sure if should neuter male while girls in heat

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This may seem like a silly question, but has anyone ever heard of it being a problem getting a chi puppy neutered while there is a female in the house in heat. I am use to having bigger dogs and I know with them there can be complications from the surgery if they are exposed to a female in heat right away, just wondering if it is same for the little ones. Our female came into heat the day after we found we were getting him, we are keeping them apart unless we are right there just to be sure. We thought about waiting to get him fixed also because we are his 4th owners (he is only 6mo) and are afraid him being away right away will be upsetting to his bonding with us. Thanks ahead of time for any help on this matter.
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I've never heard of there being any complications from the female being in heat, big or little dogs. But if it is a problem with big dogs I would think that would also apply to little dogs. I don't see that the size of the dog would have anything to do with "that" :? .
thanks for your quick reply. I kinda figured it would be the same for the little ones but sometime what effects large dogs and small dogs is different. I raised pits for just over 20yrs, and I had one of my males fixed when my female was in heat and it caused complications because he got (hum how to say this politely, lol) "over stimulated". Think I will wait until my little Guinevere comes out of heat to get Gawain neutered just to make sure. thanks again.
Well, I can certainly see how that could be a problem! I'm sure if a MAN got, um, neutered :lol: :twisted: that the doc would tell him to give it a rest for a while, too!
i can see some logic in it. I also remeber that the male can still be fertile for a few months after the neutering.
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