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Not wanting to take walks

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I started carrying Coco on our walks in the beginning d/t her size. Now when I take her out, she flat out refuses to walk. She is afraid of the outside and feels secure in my arms. I know I look strange walking my IG and carrying a chi. She is only 3 lbs. so she isn't that heavy, but does anyone elses chi do this? Is there a carrier I could use to strap her to my chest, so I can walk a little more easier? My arm is almost numb by the end of our 1 mile walk.
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Fynn is not a walker compared to Sully and Rosie, i use a pet a roo by outward hound to carry them when needed. :)They do come in different colours.
lots of options, one being the dog stroller :D
also slings etc etc...

you really should try though short spurts with the pup and reward with a treat..... :wave: maybe eventually she will get used to it
yes the puppy pouches work grate as pictured above but you should get her to walk as said with treats
Gadget loves being on the ground and walking.. he loves to be carried too.. he will walk for as long as you let him but when he gets tired he wants to be carried...

I woould try walking her in your yard and then each day move closer to the street then down the street then more and more... if that doesn't work... carry her but then when you get almost home put her on the ground and say lets go home... she will walk.. especially when she knows she has to walk to get home...

Good luck and God bless
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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