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Wanted to share this with all of you. I came across it this week on the Best Bully Sticks Facebook page November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month Run your hands over your pet and feel for any unusual lumps or bumps. I shared our story about Ms. Hannah which actually got some recognition from the site.

This is Ms. Hannah our 12 yr old cancer survivor. My husband found 3 lumps on Hannah's chest last Sept while rubbing her tummy & chest. The vet performed surgery
with-in a week and found the lumps to be mammary gland cancer. Due to early detection, all the cancer was able to be removed. We now consider every day to be a gift with our dear sweet Hannah. So the next time your pet wants a belly/chest rub take a moment to appease them. It just may save your pet's life.;)
October 2010 >1 month after her surgery. We purchased the pink polka dot jacket to protect her bare tummy & chest from getting dirty or chilly since her incisions were still healing at the time. It is now her favorite coat.

Anyway thought this was worth a share here since we all own dogs here:)
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