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August 16, 2005

If you're looking to adopt a four legged friend, now is a good time.

City animal shelters say they are facing a huge overcrowding problem. The adoption rate has dipped so low, in fact, that Animal Care and Control says workers may be forced to euthanize healthy animals.

"If we get over-flowed, or if we're to full here in the shelter, we have to possibly put animals to sleep, just for space reasons alone," said Najiyyah Ali of Animal Care and Control. "These will be healthy adoptable animals; healthy puppies and kittens that we no longer have space for because we're out of space."

Animal Care and Control runs three shelters in the city in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and on Staten Island. They are open from noon to 7 p.m. every day.

For more information on pet adoption, call the agency at 212-788-4000 or log on to

Animal Care and Control Locations:

326 East 110th Street

2336 Linden Boulevard

Staten Island:
3139 Veterans Road West

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Rachael Polachek said:
I'm a big believer in adopting. I understand why people buy from breeders - who wouldn't want a puppy? - but for me, it will always be adoption. Just works for me, I guess. :)
Me too. Most all of my pets over the years have been adoptions in some form - either from a shelter or rescue group or an individual. Jazzy is one of the few exceptions, and that was because she was a gift from my children and grand-children.

I have nothing against buying from a breeder though, especially if you want a puppy or have your heart set on a particular color, etc. Just wish we could rescue them all - :cry:
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