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I fed my puppy Nutro (puppy formula) and it didn't do her any good. She rarely ate it and I think it was that food that gave her diarrhea. I went to the vet the next day because she had symptoms of hypoglycemia again and asked my vet if Nutro was good. She said, 'No. The brand name foods like Pedigree, Eukanuba, and Science Diet have more money put into it to make it very suitable for dogs.'

So I went to the store and bought Pedigree wet food for puppies. I let my pup smell it and she started eating a lot of it(which she needs to since she is soo tiny! 1.4 pounds to be exact)! She likes that waaaaaaay better than the Nutro wet food for pups. Plus, her poo is getting harder! I'm happy with Pedigree.

How old is your Chi? Mine right now is only 9 weeks. But even when she does get bigger and older, I'd still stick with the well known brand names. But of course, that's just me. I thought I'd just put my two cents in.

Hope this helps you a little bit alysajanel!
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