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I feed my dog Nutro Natural Choice Ultra for puppies and I think she has done very well on it. Now the regular Nutro foods I wouldn't even think about buying, but the Ultra I like. The only thing I wish I could change is that it makes their stools soft and kinda stinkier than average but my girl goes potty outside so it's okay with me. I did a lot of research on dog foods before I bought it and decided to go with it. It doesn't have any by-products, chemical preservatives, and all that fun stuff. I also asked my vet about dog foods and he told me Pedigree, Iams, Science Diet, etc. but from what I have learned and read about those foods, they really aren't all the great lol. Now when I am done with this bag of puppy food I will be switching her to adult food. I will probably feed her either Royal Canin Chihuahua blend or Natural Balance. There are a lot of threads on different types of dog foods, so you might want to try to do a search of the forum. Also, there's a ton of info on dog food and information about ingredients if you do a search for it.
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