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Off to Oxford

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Hiya all you lovely people!

I am so excited! I am off to Oxford in just over an hour! Time is passing by so slowly! I am off to pick up my lil smoothcoat (Bibas sister). She still doesn't have a name. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I really want to go now!!!!!!

Can't wait.......yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Anyway I must pull myself together and get organised! I am also going to pets at home so that shall be fun!!

OK I will report back later!!!
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aww great news !! lucky b**stard :D :D i can't wait for the pics !!

kisses nat
OMG please post pics of her when you get back Im so ecited for you :lol:
Of course I will!!! Time is going sooooooooooooo slow!!!!
That's great!!
See you when you get back, and Biba's sister!! ;)
oh my thats great i bet your so excited i would be
how exiting! :D - safe journey :wave:
Have fun! I can't wait to see pics! :wave:
How lucky are you! I wish I was going get my baby today! :)
How exciting. I wouldn't be able to wait either. Please post some pics of your new baby. I can't wait to see her.

Good Luck Zoe, I hope you do not get lost like I did on the way! :D

Let us know all about her as soon as you get back :). Its a much more comfortable day heat wise today, so you should hopefully not have any problems with the travelling :)
Omg I am getting nervous just waiting :shock: I cannot wait to see pictures!
KJsChihuahuas said:
Omg I am getting nervous just waiting :shock: I cannot wait to see pictures!
me too :)
I keep checking for the post i cant wait too see pics and hear about her :lol:
good luck zoe!
its quite a long drive to oxford but shell be worth it!
your first short haired!
Guys, I have just got back!

Its been forever!! She is so cute!!! She is soooooooo tiny!!We got lost and nearly ended up in the wrong town then magically ended up where we were ment to be!!! Boy whata day we had!! Im so shattered. Ill get some pics tomz!!! She is not even tired, shes so happy!!
I am glad you made it back safe!!!! I cannot wait to see those pics!! :wink:
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