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Daisy is such a funny little sweetheart.

She has a scruffy and half-destroyed teddy in the shape of a polar bear that I bought her for xmas, we call it Polo. Well it only took a few days for her to get through it and to the stuffing, but she's so attached to it that I've let her keep it. She keeps Polo up in my mums room, and plays with it before bed.

Well earlier today, we were cleaning, so all the doors were open so she could run around with us while we were working. So she runs up and brings Polo downstairs with her to play with and I didn't give it much thought.

She was playing in my mums room just now, and she suddenly went running downstairs. Then came back up after a few seconds. She goes to my mum, who doesnt respond, then comes to find me. I assume she wants me to go downstairs with her. Then mum says "Does she want Polo?" So D waits at the top of the stairs, while I go down and bring Polo up to her.

I show her Polo and she gets so excited, grabs him off me, charges straight into my mums room and dives onto her bed with Polo in her mouth.

She was so happy I had got her toy. It was so cute.

It's funny how she knew he was missing, since she has him every night before bed <3

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