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Oh my.. so many pets..

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Hmm, I was just thinking over how may pets my fiancee & I will have once we're married & in a house together - currently I share with my Mum & we have 3 cats (Meg, Charlie & Scarlet) & 2 mice (Millie & Ruby). Mum's keeping the cats, so Tom & I will have 2 mice, 2 guinea pigs (Claudia & Tim) 1 rabbit (Rabbie) 1 large Oscar fish (Mr Fish) and about 20 other assorted fish, and I'm wanting a Chi!

Holy moly, all our money will be spent on pet food & vet bills!

But hey, we couldn't live without 'em.. :D
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Hi and welcome! :wave: A chi really would complete the picture. :lol:
Rachael Polachek said:
Hi and welcome! :wave: A chi really would complete the picture. :lol:
Could not have said that better :D
Hello and Welcome!! The more the merrier, right?? :wave:
Hello & welcome :wave: That will be a varied houseful :lol:
lol great family you will have :wave:
Hey I totally know how you feel when my fiance and I moved in together we had 7 rats( started with two but had babies) 1 iguana 1 cat 2 dogs 2ferrets and 4 fish we did have 2 ball pythons. Animals are great and good luck looking for your chi!
at one point we had 6 dogs, 5 cats, a hedgehog (right after she passed we added a sugar glider) and 5 fish. now we have 6 dogs, 2 birds, and 3 fish.
I would just like to say that fish are not pets well at least not to me a pet is some one that you can hold, pet talk to & well all those other pet things you do. By the way hi & welcome.
hmmm, our fish get talked to. we feed them, clean their tanks and care for them..... isn't an animal that lives in your household and is cared for considered a pet??
Welcome :wave:

I agree with luvmypuppet. I think a pet is any animal that you own and fish are an animal. I personally don't really care for fish because I can't cuddle them, but they're still a pet.
hi and wlecome to the forum.. sounds like you have a full loving home... :)

Amanda had a betta fish and we named him betta buddy. If you walked over to the tank and called his name he would swim tot he top of the tank. If you put your hand in the tank he would swim into it and lay there... we could pet him, talk to him, give him treats, he would dance for us... it was a really cool fish... I considered him a pet... not all fish can you put your hand in the tank and they come to you let alone let you hold him in your hand and pet him...
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