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ok im going crazy now

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I got like 4 pms to which I could read due to the "new" way it was fixed to view yet there was only 1 in my inbox,

KJ I got yours due to the link you submitted - but not your first one.

Seiah Boo I will write you back I just did not get the PM

Man this is weird are you guys sure your not dekteing your outboxes BEFORE the person gets it (would be in sent file) :?
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:? Is this a "blue" thing? cause I always get my PMs..and I have no clue what you're talking about when you say you can see them without reading them..I'm a reddie! :D
do u get e-mail notifications of your messgaes here at chi people? if so you are able to read them when they are delivered to your e-mail address.
:wink: I didn't check that :D Don't get me wrong, I'm not just that I always get my PMs so I was wondering if it has to do with the color you're the delete pics function :wink:
have to be on blue to have admin ability, plus I honestly freak when I am not on blue, have to wait til admin gets back from holiday :? :)
I am a pinky. I am not deleting them until they get full. Its weird cause a lot of people are not getting my pm's and I am not getting theirs :?
I'm in pink and I can get my pms through a notification on email, but when I go to the inbox, they aren't there :?
I don't think I have ever had a problem with my PM's. Vic, you said that one time you erased one to me in the outbox and you said that was the problem. Other than that, no problems here. :D I'm pink by the way.
Im sorry I am a bit confused... What are you guys referring to when you say you are blue or pink? Im sorry if this sounds dumb but I have no idea what that means! :oops: Does this have anything to do with how many posts you have submitted or am I missing something??

when you are in YOUR profile you have "skin" being pink one being blue, pink is called red ice I forget what blue is.
ohh..I didnt realize it was something so simple I feel dumb.. Sorry :oops:
Thank you!

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