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Okay, this is embarrassing....

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*warning, this post is rated PG-13*

but I have to ask.

*cough* :oops:

Gizmo is beginning to attempt to mount Piper. He's fixed, and they are never alone together when we are not with them. We're going to try to have her spayed before her first heat.

.. but eventually Piper will be housebroken too, with free run of the
house, with Gizmo. So my question is... uhmm :oops:

Do "fixed" doggies indulge anyway?

Will he hurt her? She's a bit smaller then he is.

I know I should just ask the vet, but I've chickend out three times. :)
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You know, I have no idea but was wondering the same thing! Me and (I forget who :) ) were talking about this the other day and I was saying that when they are neutered I don't think they 'do it' anymore and they were saying, yes they do, that they still get 'excited'. It'll be interesting to see what people post! :D
Do "fixed" doggies indulge anyway?

They can! Its not that common but it does happen. He can tie her but wont get her pregnant. And if he is much bigger than her , yes his "tie knots" can do damage to her. :(
I am so glad you asked this question. Mikey was nuetered a week or so ago and he still tries to hump away on Kismet :roll: . She's all ready bigger than him so usually when he starts she can get free. She'll be spayed in a couple of months. I'm hoping w/ time he will stop this. Luckily my little boys have not seen him do this to Kismet but how awkward if they do and want to know what he is trying to do to her :oops:
Gavin (my yorkie) was neutered before we got Molly. Molly was 2 yrs old when she came and was not spayed. She would demand Gavin to satisfy her and he would try and make her happy. I only saw him do the motions with no obvious signs of arousal. He weighs about twice as much as her but never seem to hurt her. I would always try and break it up but when Molly went into heat she was obsessed with Gavin. Poor Gavin had to be rescued from her! Molly doesn't seem to "stand" for him anymore. (she was spayed in November) She humps his head though! (only when he is chewing on something :roll: ) I think it's a dominance thing or maybe she's just mad that he's not paying attention to her. Who knows!
yeah my 2 do it too each other occassionally but only as dominance if the other has a chew - lily is the main offender and does the same as molly she will hump his head - lol it is very funny to watch :lol:
Tequila and Kylie do that also (Tequila mostly) but they are both female and do that only for dominance. I dont know how it works with males but I do know my mom's Papillon (a male) will do that to the other dogs but only as a dominant behavior...its never more involved then that
Kemo humps Bindi--some days worse than others but his red rocket does not come out--although he will lick himself sometimes after he is "finished" :roll:

He would... um er... hurt Bindi for sure if it did :shock:
Leonora is a girl, and she humps stuff too, I that normal??? :confused3:
Sadie humps her bunny but never Ritz. rocket....both of my cousins call it lipstick. :lol:
ilovesadie said:
Sadie humps her bunny but never Ritz. rocket....both of my cousins call it lipstick. :lol:
My friend calls it their lipstick too :lol: :roll:
Dogs do not follow that human trait of sexual pleasure. The female has to be in season for the male to be drawn to and "tie" with her. I have never seen a neutered male tie with a female.(And I have been around dogs all of my life-my mom was a breeder). I have heard of an intact male tying with a female out of season, but that is rare. Usually neutering takes away the sexual drive. But the "humping" is a dominance thing thru and thru. Both sexes do it.
My spayed females do not put up with Riley bothering them, they usually will let him follow them around and sniff, but go any farther than that and they put him in his place. Some of them are a little rougher than others. They can be vicious when they do not like what he is doing and they let him know.
I have three intact females and they are his territory. He watches over them like a hawk. I have a female in season at this time and he is with her at all times, when we are outside. But he knows that when I say "no" that is exactly what it means. So I am still the alpha...
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I'm so glad somebody brought this up!

Minnie "humps" on Tori quite a bit even though they are both female - most definitely a dominance thing in this case but it's hard to explain to guests! :lol: She doesn't care, she'll go after Tori's back end, front end, head, anything! I'm hoping she grows out of it!! :oops:
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