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Does your chihuahua pee or poop in the house?

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  • Only on weewee pad or newspaper

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ok, i ent the attic from my mother and step father. it is like a studio apartment sized room up there and it's finished (rug furniture ect... it doesn't look like an attic except the sloping ceiling/walls but it's roomy) i have 2 wee wee pads up there. i started off with one by the tv and she would use it every so often. for the longest time i was like wow this dog don't pee or poop a lot, until i was cleaning one day and seen she was going behind my rocking chair. so since my findings lol i put a wee wee pad there and she stopped using the one by the tv altogether. she started going by the one dresser too so i put a wee wee pad there and i've looked all over that room for other areas but she hasn't created any more spots where she goes. just on the 2 wee wee pads. it was a g=prefrence thing i guess for where she wanted to go... although sometimes she won't go all the way on the pad but her front paws are on it, i usually give her a little push to get fully on.
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