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Does your chihuahua pee or poop in the house?

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I don't know about anybody else, but Vida still poops and pees inside the house. :oops: She is totally trained to go outside and she does go outside, but when we are gone and in the night, she always poops or pees somewhere in the house.

We used to have weewee pads that she used pretty well. Then I put newspapers underneath the weewee pad and she then knew to go on the newspaper. She has always peed on rugs in our house. Exspecially our bedroom rug. We have scolded her, but when we find where she has peed or pooped it isn't the right time to scold her because it is usually a while after she did it. We have tried scolding her after the fact, but it doesn't work.

She has 4 differen't places in the house that she poops, and three places where she pees. One place is where I have newspapers. That is where she is supposed to go. The other is on tile, where her newspapers used to be. Another is the rug in the bathroom, and the other is in our bedroom (two seperate spots). The bedroom rug is covered in her pee. We have used a rug cleaner many times, but it doesn't take the smell out. We scold her for peeing or pooping in all the spots, except for the newspapers. I have tried puting treats near the newspaper when she uses it, but that doesn't seem to work.

She is three years old, so I have basically givin up. I know I am not consistant all the time, but even when I was consistant when she was young, it didn't work. I did get her to stop peeing and pooping in our living room. We had gotten a brand new rug, and she peed and pooped on it three times. Each time, we spanked her and put her in her crate for two hours. My mom mentioned that it might be because she was mad at us. I gave her so much attention the days after and she hasn't peed or pooped in there ever since.

We let her outside every morning, before we go to work, when we get home from work, in the evening, and before we go to bed. Sometimes we are gone for 10 or 11 hours during the day. That is why it is o.k. for her to use the newspapers.

So, I was wondering if anyone else had or has this issue; nad if anyone has any advice for me. Thank you!!!
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