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Does your chihuahua pee or poop in the house?

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  • Only on weewee pad or newspaper

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Is the food and water kept out In the beginning i took food and water off the floor at 8pm. this way during the night they didnt go after they were put out before bed. I let them out fed and watered before i left for work. let them out again took food and water up. when igot home they were free fed and watered till 8 or 11 pm depending on if it were a weekend or not. now that i am home 24/7. Sturgis and Lady are not permitted to roam downt the hall into bedrooms no animals should be permitted to raom until bounedries are set. I keep a gate up going down the hallway to the rest of the house. then i move it to the kitchen at night that is where they sleep i leave a pad on the floor all the time in the kitchen Lady will use it if need be. lol Sturgis thinks thats where heis supposed to eat his cookies :dontknow:
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