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Omega Sewing machine

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I was checking out the sewing section at wal mart and there is an Omega machine there on sale for 99$ can. It has 13 stitches and makes automatic buttonholes. There weren't any in stock at the moment so that stopped me from impulse buying. what do you all think? is that a decent machine for someone whos never used one before?
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It sounds like a good basic machine. I personally haven't heard of that brand but the options on it sound great. I have a very basic machine too and I think that is all it does as well. I got it at a sewing machine dealer at JoAnn Fabrics I don't remember the brand right now. But I think the one at Walmart sounds great and super price. :)
I have heard of that brand, but don't know much about it. It sounds like it would be fine for a beginner. You don't want to invest a lot of money at first, just in case you find you really don't enjoy sewing. Some people don't - my daughter bought a sewing machine at Sears - even though I cautioned her to get just a basic machine, she let the salesman talk her into one with a lot of bells and whistles.

I did give her some sewing lessons, but she decided she just plain didn't like sewing. So now she has an expensive sewing machine that she basically uses just to sew up seams and make simple repairs.
I have never heard of a Omega sewing machine... I would do a google search and see if you can find any information on it...

Godd luck and God bless....
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