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So everyone knows I have been having trouble getting Gigi to go to the litterbox when she was not in the bathroom. Even when I took her out frequently she would not empty her bladder. She was just drip some drops and then come in and pee on the floor. Yesterday I bought her some female panties as a last resort.

Last night for the first time ever she was playing and she ran back to the bathroom to pee.:hello1: Even when I moved the litterbox to the room she was in she would not use it. I saw her do it again today. I am so happy. I praised her. She's finally got it. It's strange because as a very small puppy she would always use the litterbox no matter where it was located and then when she got older she wouldn't.

I said I wouldn't get a second dog until she was completely housebroken. Looks like the time is coming up. Lol.
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