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on an airplane

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Has anyone flown with their chi's before in cabin? Miya will be making her first flight to florida June and I'm wondering if they're any precautions to take? It's a short flight, but in August, we move to Japan...That is not so short, about 14 hours..
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Rocky was with me in cabin about 3 times. I had a soft pet carrier with me and it went really well. I was really lucky as I was always allowed to either have him in his carrier on my lap or on the seat next to me, so never had to put him under the seat. The flight was really short though (1.5 hours) and I have to say that he did seem nervous.

I would defo have your chi get used to the carrier beforehand. Its a big advance that Rocky loves his carrier, as he gets into it straigth away when I get it out of the closet.

I have to say though that a 14 hour flight does seem quite long and I can't imagine flying for that long with Rocky being stuck in a "small carrier". I would try to split up the flight into maybe 2 flights with a day break inbetween somewhere (not sure if that's even possible). Even for us 14 hours are long and borring, but for an animal it seems even worse.
it's not possible to split the flights :( I know I will have her on my lap, and out of the carrier for the majority of the flight. Same with Taji. He's been through flying before, but never for this long. I don't want to sedate either of them, which is what the vet suggested. I've been thru that and my poor kitty was miserable.
I am not sure whether you can actually have them out of the carrier for most of the time. If the airplane is full or the steward/stewardess doesn't like it, your pets will have to stay in their carrier and under the seat for the entire flight. So I wouldn't rely on you being able to take them out. Also I am wondering how and where they are able to do their "business".
I personally wouldn't feel comfortable flying soo long with Rocky, but I guess when you are moving you won't have a different choice.
Hello. I have been on a 4 hour flight with my chi. He did great. Was quiet and calm the entire time, except on the descent on the way back her barked (I think his poor ears were popping). The American Vet association actually suggests you do not sedate because it can cause breathing issues. especially for a pushed in nose breed like your cat, so I am very surprised your vet suggested that.

you're not supposed to feed or offer water for 4-6 hours before the flight, probably for the comfort of your pet (peeing and pooing).

Also, not trying to be rude, but you cannot take your animal out of its carrier during the flight. it's against ALL airline policy. I'm not just talking about you getting into trouble ... honestly if you do that, it makes things hard for the rest of us pet owners that do follow the rules. Everytime something like that happens, it gives ammo to those that DON'T think pets should be allowed to fly in cabin ... I'm sure you've noticed every couple of years there is ALWAYS media debate as to whether or not animals should fly in cabin, and the non-animal people are constantly raising a fuss.

And then stuff like this happens - perhaps you heard of Ripples the Cat in January?

Air Canada flight grounded after escaped cat hides in cockpit | News | National Post

Just my 2 cents. Good luck. Be prepared and the flights won't be as stressful as you might think. I would have some Rescue Remedy on hand just in case your babies are stressed, and I would walk the dog before hand to tire her out for the flight.
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I have flown with my two chi's from Chicago to Boston. They did great. They were under the seat the entire time. One of them yipped once or twice during loading. Then they were quiet. No one knew they were there.
I would get your pup used to pee pads. Take a pee pad into the rest room with you, and put it on the floor. Get him used to using it ahead of time. Train him with a cue, like 'hurry up', go potty, what ever. Then he would at least have the opportunity too go. Good luck. Sue
Luxie was on a 10 hour in-cabin flight from the UK to the Caribbean (with one stop in Holland). She was escorted by someone I paid with experience in dogs and Luxie did really great. She had layered the carrier with a lot of pee pads for easy cleanup and also had those special bath wipes with her in case she messed herself. She had Nutrical with her but in your case I would take something you can secretly feed her. Remember to hydrate her plenty.
Yes, please no lap sitting. It's not even likely to be allowed, and if it DID cause a problem for someone, it is a step in the direction of nobody being allowed to have pets in the cabin anymore.

My tips:

1. Make really, really sure you have ALL entry requirements for the animals for going to Japan.

2. Teach her how to pee/poop on command on a potty pad, so you can take her to the bathroom once or twice during the flight. Lay a potty pad down, let her go, then put her back in her carrier before returning to your seat. This will go much better if she knows to go on command, as it will be a strange place.

3. Make sure your carrier fits under the seat, where it will stay. A nice carrier is the Sleepypod Air which allows a lot of leg room while the plane is in the air.

I wouldn't be too concerned about the first flight, to FL. You've probably taken longer car trips. :) But it is good practice for the process.
I think the suggestions to get her acclimated and happy in the carrier you'll be using are great, as well as making sure she gets some exercise before you fly so she's more sleepy and relaxed.
Ack! A 14 hour flight? Poor kitty and poor Miya! That's brutal. Do you have everything organized to bring them to Japan? Is it a Japanese airline you're flying? Typically here the airlines only allow one carry on pet per passenger, maybe they have different rules or maybe you're flying with someone. Pets are generally not allowed out from under the seat, but I know sometimes flight attendants will allow it if you're sitting alone or no one objects. I would almost think they're better off in their carriers most of the flight anyway, the more they're able to sleep through the better I would think. Getting Miya to use puppy pads and then bringing a few on board for her to use in the restroom is a great idea, that's waaaaay too long to go without a chance to potty. For Taji I would suggest picking up one of those disposable litter trays from the grocery store so you can give him a chance to potty as well. They're only a few inches deep and come with litter inside and a cover that you peel off so it could stay sealed until he needed to use it. Hopefully you're on a nice/spacious plane, I know many of the Asian airlines planes look much nicer than any flight I've taken where there would scarcely be enough room for your feet on the floor in the bathroom much less a pee pad.
Sleepypod air is awesome! Mine looove their sleepypod, luggage grade material and very cozy inside, Leo is always jumping into and using it as a bed. They were actually originally designed for cats, and come in pretty colors :)
Are you moving to Japan permanently? How exciting!
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Hi Katy! Yes, I have jumped through the MANY hoops there are to import Taji and Miya to Japan. We have travelled quite a bit with Taji transatlantic, he's a pro :) ..we have a soft carrier for him, but I'm interested in the sleepypod's. I've been wanting to upgrade his carrier and also get Miya one where they can be as comfy as possible. I hope our flight isn't too busy. I enjoy the extra space as much as the next person :) I would only take them out of the carriers if the flight was empty or no one was seated near us. Miya is pee pad trained so thankfully she and taji will have the chance to potty in the lavatory. We are moving to Japan for atleast 3 years, maybe more. Not sure yet. I have been reading and it seems like the Japanese are fond of chihuahuas so I am hoping to find some friends for her to play with. Thanks all for the replies.
That is so awesome! I've never been to Japan, but my grandparents took a long trip there a few years ago and really loved it, such a beautiful country. You'll have to share a lot of pictures once you're there!
Sleepypod makes great stuff, we have the full sized sleepypod which I don't think is small enough for a plane, you'd have to check. It can hold two chis. I think the sleepypod mini is allowed on flights, and of course the air is meant for airplane travel. They can also be buckled into a car and the sleepypod and mini have removable lids so can be used as beds. That was to help cats get comfortable with them, you use it as a bed first and then when you need to travel it's a safe familiar environment for them. Definitely check them our for your little international travelers:)
i've flown with one of my chis regularly, and haven't had an issue. i've never flown with him internationally but i'm not sure if dogs are allowed in cabin for countries that have quarantine requirements. I fly through Japan all the time, and I've never seen a dog in cabin either to or from
i've never flown with him internationally but i'm not sure if dogs are allowed in cabin for countries that have quarantine requirements.
I would defo check that out, as you for example can't even fly TO the UK with a dog in cabin due to the pet travel regulations (all dogs have to fly in Cargo).
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