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I say go for it, in my mind 2 is easier than 1.

I got my boy Axle at 10 weeks old and it soon became apparent that he was a dog who really needed the company of other dogs. I went back to my breeder who had luckily just had another litter so we got our little girl Chloe at 8 weeks old just 2 months after we got our first Chi.

They love each other's company so much and now I don't feel so guilty leaving to go to work each day because I know the have each other for company (and because I've discovered that they are really lazy and they basically sleep all day).

It's great that the pup you are looking to add to Hanna is a boy as there tends to be less issues when you have one of each sex (as long as they are spayed/neutered) although lots of people have all boys or all girls and don't have issues.

Obviously costs are higher if you have 2 since you need 2 lots of vaccinations, 2 lots of flea and worming treatment, twice as much food etc. As long as you're up for that I say go for it.

It's so lovely watching them play together and as soon as we added miss Chloe Axle's little behavioral issues such as mouthing on us and shredding all of his toys disappeared overnight as he wasn't bored and had someone to get all of his energy out on.

Good luck and I hope to see pics of 2 puppies soon!
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