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Hi Forum!
I'm new and have a question! :)

So my BF and I have been looking for the right Chi for a couple of months. We found Hanna a few days ago. She's a 9mos old gorgeous spayed black and tan long hair. I fell in love with her immediately. Her owner was a breeder who held her back for a show potential but than changed her mind. In a conversation with the breeder we also discovered that Hanna has a half brother (same father different mother, different litter) who was also available. He is 3 months old, super cute.

Our initial idea was to get Hanna, and then see how she settled in and then get another Chi (i like the idea of them having a friend!) So should we get Hanna and her brother at the same time? They are not bonded to each other but get along well, and they both have really sweet temperaments.

I figure they are far enough in age that Littermate syndrome won't be an issue and since they already get along and are well socialized it might be better to snap them up now!

I just don't want to bite off more than I can chew! They are already both box trained and Hanna knows basic commands (sit/stay/come) She is spayed and they are both microchipped.

It just seems like such a good opportunity! Please help as I need to make a decision very soon since I have Hanna signed the contract for Hanna but not for her brother.

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