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Online store recommendation

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Can anyone recommend a store that does a custom dog tag? I've decided that when Zeus is in the outside, he should at least wear a collar with a tag just in case he gets out for ID purposes. When we take him out, he's always on a harness. He's microchipped, but if someone finds him, some people don't know to take them to a vet to see if they are chipped. I want a nice looking classy tag to go with the collar I bought him today.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)
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Petsmart has a machine you can make our own id tag on.. I was thinking about doing that but I have a barrel with his info on a paper on the inside... He wears it on his collar all the time and he is micro chipped..
the tag i got for chiwi was too small for all the info so i plan to get another one for her when i get her chipped and have it say her name, phone number and "microchipped" this way if god forbid she does ever get out they can see she is chipped and get her info in case i can't be reached by the phone or something....
This might be "out of the box", but since you guys are all internet savvy, how about creating a website that basically has all of your dogs information, how to contact you, that basically is a LOST DOG flyer. Put the web address (i.e. on the tag with the name of your dog, and see what happens. Perhaps this might not work in some areas where the people in your city are not as tech savvy, but if a dog was lost in LA, it would not only get back to it's owner quickly, it would probably end up on the news for ingenuity.

In terms of custom dog tags, don't most Petco's have them with the engraving machines? There's a small brass heart shaped one that is $8 that is the perfect size for a chi. You can have up to 5 lines of text I think and it looks great.
I just ordered tags from ; it was $6 per tag including mailing, and they were done and mailed the same day I ordered them. It took probably 2-3 days to get them. I ordered the tiny heart for Tansy, and they actually managed to fit her name, my name, phone numder and complete address on the tag. I was amazed they got it all on there.
waauw that's a really good deal !!! i have the small tins to put a piece of paper in :wave:

kisses nat
Those sites are going to get my bank account into trouble!!

I always use them, they are very quick and make GREAT tags... I have one for each, Chiquita and José and they look very classy.... they are the small plastic bones and all it says on the front is their name, then on the back I chose to have the information printed I think for just $1 or $2 more... looks much cleaner that way.... The back reads:

First & Last name
My City and State
My Phone number

I got the black with white lettering and they are very nice. They also offer very nice metal tags... and they engrave them very deeply... not cheap and thin like those at Petsmart, I hate those! With their rabies vaccine tag the engraving always rubbed off when the tags rubbed together. I prefer the plastic ones but their metal ones are really nice also.
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