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Opinions on new puppy setup

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Im getting a 10 week old puppy soon and just wanted some opinions on my projected setup. I plan on putting the puppy in the kitchen on tile floors. He will have a plastic carrier with a soft liner to sleep (his crate for crate training). The carrier will be enclosed in a Pen. On one side of the pen will be his pee pee pads and on the other will be his bowls with food and water, with the carrier in the middle.

Also do i leave food and water out all the time or do i start him on a schedule so once he's ready to be walked (after all shots) it will be easier to learn when he has to go?
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When we went to pick up Rio we took our cat carrier with Olivia's nicest blanket (she wanted to share) and a stuffed toy so she would be comfortable on the way home (feeling like her whole world fell out from under her). Well the cat carrier is her most favorite snug spot. It happened that the lady sent home her bed, pillow, blanket and toy and the bed fit right in the carrier... and she has really enjoyed her little nest. Everyone at work is ticked because more often than not she is in there snoozing away and they would like her to be away more.

Not sure about a "set-up" as we potty outside and have a small area in the living room where she is allowed to be, an area in my bedroom where she hangs out and one in the kitchen where she eats, chases the cat and our stocking feet. But I have seen a few pictures on here of how some folks do it and they have some nice set ups going, I am sure they will give you sound advice.
That sounds good! And yes I would stick to scheduled feedings, it will help with house training and Chi's are little piggies so free feeding this breed I don't think is a grand idea, you could fast end up with an overweight pup.
I think your set up sounds great! As for feeding I free feed all of mine with no problems. And I've read that Chis should be free fed for the first 4 months bc of their small size.

All of my chis just nibble and snack throughout the day and we feed them a homecooked meal mixed with some kibbies twice a day.
That is a good idea :D pretty similar to the setup we had
I would recommend leaving water and food there too
My chihuahuas don't eat too much and like having a couple of bits of kibble every now and again
as for the housebreaking, as long as you take your pup out frequently (every couple of hours) and keep an eye on your puppy in the first few months, you should be ok
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