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Osha's Ears Are UP!!!

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I don't think it's a permanent thing. And I don't dare try and take a picture (though i'm dieing too) because I know if I bring out the camera she will pin those ears back down. But she has been laying here for a good 10 minutes watching me type with her ears completely upright.

Not that I mind her floppy ears. But she looks so STINKING CUTE with her ears up!

I know this probley a fluke since she is 4 years old. There is no way they are going to stay up. But ah it's so cute!
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Lilly's do that, too! She is a Chi mix and they go up when she is excited or really interested. And sometimes they just flop up, LOL. She is ten years old, so it will never be permanent, but I LOVE when she does it. And it's adorable :)

Maybe if it continues you can snap a picture!
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