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Other breeds with chihuahua's?

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Do you guys keep other breeds with chihuahua's? If so what breeds?? Thank you!!
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I also have a whippet. She thinks she is a bigger chi :D :D

I don't have another breed dog but my friend has rat terrier who my pups just absolutely adore. This same friend also has a chi and they get along great.
By the way Katt welcome to our group. Have you posted pictures of your baby yet?
hi and welcome katt

I dont have another dog in the house only a cat but my mom has a king charles cavalier who they get along great with
Katt said:
Do you guys keep other breeds with chihuahua's? If so what breeds?? Thank you!!

I have a collie who loves just about everyone
No pictures. I don't even have a chihuahua. I'm doing research on them before I get mine. I'm waiting for a litter to grow up, they will be ready in December. They're too young now to choose which one I like. I plan to get the one that wants to be in my lap.

Thanks for all the replies. Anyone have large breed dogs with chihuahua's?
I have two labrador retrievers with my chihuahua, Harley. He was known as the "new baby" when we brought him home over the summer and I don't think they knew if he was a dog or not at first because he's so tiny! They get along wonderfully and my labs are so gentle with him. The first page of this thread is a picture of Savannah (one of my labs) with Harley. :)

We have a 12 year old 40 lb mutt named Molly. We we first got Jenny, Molly would have nothing to do with her. Two weeks later she was finally big enough for a collar. We put a collar on her and we think Molly realized "this is really a dog". The have been best friends every since. Molly is so gentle with her 6 lb little sister when they play together, which would be all the time if Jenny had her way.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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