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our beach trip ...

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we drove to the sea (cadzand is the only beach here that allows dogs) with vienna and cosmo ,and my friend's chi-mix kobe
i had to leave paris with my mom ,because she gets carsick after a while :?

we were lucky ,it was raining at first so the beach was empty :lol: and we had wonderful weather afterwards ....

cosmo and kobe were playing like crazy ,they loved the sand and the sea ....cosmo even followed me in it .....(paw-dipping :D )

needless to saw they had a wonderful day ...what makes it so worth while to drive 3 hours for it :wink:

kisses nat
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beach trip

Great pics and they really seemed to have enjoyed themselves :wave:
Great pics Nat! Looks like a fun time. Poor Paris couldn't go - you'll have to spoil her with something instead. hehe. Such cuties! :D
Aww Nat those pics are great :D

Looks like they had a great time on the beach

ohhhh i so love Cosmo :love10: i just love to see pics of him
I'm so jealous!!! Your three little ones are so adorable, and they seemed to have really enjoyed themselves! :)
Wow, awesome looking beach. You really did have it all to yourselves. Cosmo and Vienna look great - she sure can run with the big boys, can't she?. :lol: Poor Paris... though I'm sure your mom spoiled her rotten.
great pics! looks like a lot of fun! lil vienna looks like such the tag a long lol but the boys didnt' seem to mind ;)
Great pics Nat - it looks like they had a great time :D
Great pics! That's a terrific looking beach! Your babies are so cute! :wave:
Great pics It looks like your sweeties had some fun playing in the sand :D
vienna was so cute ,running after the boys :lol: she's such a funny little thing ...she's like a character out of a cartoon :D

kisses nat
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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