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Well Bella is 9 weeks now (as of yesterday :eek:ccasion9: ) and i took her to get her second 5 in 1 shot. She got her first before she left the breeder so i didnt know how she was going to react and i was scared. So we are at the front desk and the lady is like ok one 5 in 1 and 1 bordatella (sp?). I was like ummm isnt 2 shots a little much for a 2 lb puppy? The vet told be to never let someone give her those two shots at once (or any 2) because she is so little and bad things could happen, but they would be fine on a larger dog... The lady up front was an idiot, shouldnt she know these things too? I swear i cant stand the women up front but the doctors are all very nice! So we went in the room and the doctor came in a played and kissed bella and then he pulled out the shot! I held her close to me and then OUCH! :crybaby: Bella screamed and cried!!! But then she was ok and gave the doctor some kisses... So ANYWAYS, Bella got a very nice dinner tonight. Boiled chicken (my first time making it), some wellness wet food, some dry food and cheeeeeeeeese!!!! She ate it allll up, i didnt think she was going to be able to eat it all but boy did she fool me! :thumbup:
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