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The best way to get her to stop smelling and start walking would be to keep her head up but if you're using a harness, that's pretty much impossible. You DO want her to smell around so if she ever gets out accidentally, she can find her way home by smell, so it is a good thing to a certain degree.

You might try keeping a squeak toy with you and squeaking it to keep her attention and her head up or just talk to her and keep walking slowly to avoid dragging and keep her going.

The big world is probably overwhelming to her though; you may want to take her into your front yard and let her investigate really well a few times before you start walking around a lot. That way, she can get used to being outside on the harness/leash first before she is expected to trot along side you.

Good luck and Happy trails!! :D
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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