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Our new 'puppy' Just for a laugh!

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Well we went and bought LeStat a new carry bag but it was a little too big for him and he definitely does not like it.
We'd left in on the floor to see if he would get used to it but our new puppy jumped in it, my daughter picked the bag up to see if she would stay in it, while I quickly got my mobile phone to take a pic!................:D

Could anyone think of a good name for this new 'wannabe' chihuahua please..If she can prove to be a good little doggy we may even keep her!;)

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So cute!!!!
Aww haha! thats adorable
:giggle: :)
What a sweetie pie!
Great photo! :)
That's my youngest granddaughter Courtney.....She gets into everything.
She's 19 months old now and can out talk anyone.....she was looking for toys in a catalogue the other day and said "Nana toys in here are shite" when I told her off she just laughed at me!
lmaooooo! :lol: hmmm interestin lookin carrier. is it stable?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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