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Over protective?

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Shakira has started to GROWL at any person or dog that comes near me if she is next to me. No biting or anything like that just a long growl. She is fine if she is away from me.. she is freindly and happy to be petted and to play with other dogs.

One example: i was carrying her in my arms and a lady came to pat her and Shakira went nuts! She did not stop growling! i was embarassed becoz i don't want to have to say "you can't pet her" to people :cry: And i don't want other dogs to either 1. Feel threatened or 2. EAT HER :shock: becoz they think shes starting a fight or something!

i am very flattered and it IS cute that she is so over protective but is there any way to stop the growling? :scratch:

Or am i being silly and worrying over nothing :? ...
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How old is shakira? They go thru phases.....Kemo will still do it- if we are laying on the bed he will actually charge the family and nip at them....but that is the only time and its not always I guess when he is feeling extra insecure and wants me all to himself....discipling him has done nothing!

I would let her know (if she is young enough to be impressed upon/not that an older dog can't just that you have a better chance at teaching a pup what you expect - I will stop now :blackeye: ) that doing that will get her a time out etc. Which means no mommie :angry2:
Hehe that's so cute about Kemo. Thanks for the advice! well, each time she does it she "gets disciplined" but it doesnt seem to be working :? ... i will keep trying! By the way, She's going to be 4 months in a little over a week :D
Oh BOY!! :roll:

Good luck make each time out longer??
I would give the stranger a small treat, to give to Shakira. Hopefully she would soon associate strangers with yummy treats! :D
Thankyou for the advice!

She is so stubborn! :?
Poppy would always go to anyone and allow herself to be petted, and then at 4 months of age..Wham! she became the protector of the house, family and me big time! :lol: If we are out and she is in my arms, she will try to bite anyone that touches her..and it is embarrasing I know! No matter how I tell her its ok, she wont let anyone touch her.
When someone comes to our door, she barks like a crazy thing and when I pick her up and answer the door, she is there with her growling and barking. It has got to the point where I put her in another room before I answer the door! They are dear little beings and it is flattering that they want to protect us..I just wish I had a solution for you, I am still trying to work out how to calm Poppy down with strangers. And the silly thing is, I socialised her like mad from the moment I got her! :)
Thanks Camilla King atleast i am not alone! well its funny i socialised her too like crazy too she comes EVERYWHERE and it's only recently she has started to do this! Funny though when some1 comes to the door she remains silent :scratch: no barking or anything.. until they come near me! I am going to try what has been suggested (thankyou Kemo's mamma
and Boogaloo) Best of luck to you also!!! If you have any luck please let me know! :)

Oh they are all just so precious! Litlle but with the courage of a pack of lions! :lol:
I have to leave Mikey in another room also Camilla. If not he will try to either snap or just keep barking :roll:
Phew at least I know its not just my dog that thinks she owns the world! :lol:
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