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Im afraid thats some huge misinformation on her part. A dog is as unique as a human in its personality, likes and dislikes. The coat of an animal doesn't determine its temperment, thats inherited through its pedigree and ancestry and molded through its treatment and socialization. You can certainly own any combination of smooth and long coats together. Your always going to have your Alpha dogs and your submissive ones. The reason people don't own both is because usually they have a preference for one type over another. My husband and I for instance prefer the longs and thats why we dont have a smooth but thats not to say that we would never not entertain the idea of owning a smooth in the future. If you introduce a new dog and already own dog(s), you have created a "pack" and if the new addition has disagreements with the dog(s) you already own, thats only natural behavior so they can establish the pecking order in the household. Perhaps thats where she has come up with this idea, I assure you its false however.
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