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Pablo is growin up quick, and he's got a new best friend!

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Pablo is growin up quick(1st Birthday today) and he's got a new best friend!

It's Pablo's first birthday today!!!!! Wish him a happy Bday!

We get a TON of speculation everywhere we go on what breed Pablo is. From full chi, to half chi half pom, to half chi half papillon, to full pom. We really don't know seeing as we got him from a backyard breeder. I got to meet the mom which was definitely a chihuahua.

The second one is half Shih Tzu, quarter Maltese, quarter Poodle. She is about 10 weeks old now and Pablo and Hazel are best buds. Pabby finally has a chance to win at tug o' war. :)

Anyways here are some pics.

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Happy birthday sweetie pie!
What cuties! They look good together. He looks chi to me. Look at my Ruby. If she had fringe, they would be twins and she is full Chi.
Hi and happy day to you little pablo i love your new baby thats so fluffy to cute
Happy belated b-day Pablo! :)
Happy belated birthday, Pablo. :hello1:

Whatever breeds he's made up of, he's 100 % adorable !
Happy belated birthday Pablo!! The two of them are so darn cute!
Aww he looks like a little Chi to me! Happy B-day!
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