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And it went ok ish.

To stat with she wouldnt even walk through the gate into the paddock where the class was. But we got her through it. I didnt pick her up, just lots of cheese and positive reinforcement. There was 5 other dogs in the class, a retriever, 2 old english sheep dogs, a springer and a cavalier. She wasnt a bit bothered by the other dogs, she growled once at one of them then just ignored them all.

I had her on a looooonnnng lead while we did a bit of recall, and we had to take the lead off because she couldnt pull it along behind her! lol

We cracked the watch me command and we nearly have the sit command in the bag to.

I think it really helped not having the other chis around because she just focused on me and wasnt worried about the treat being taken away by the others.

The chap taking the class said by the way she behaves she looks like she has been totally bullied by other dogs before she came to me. I will not let my chis bully her (not that they do).

She will now play with them all and with me and the kids to. She'll come and get on any of our knees for a cuddle to. We are very slowly making progress, shes such a lovely little chi to have around and so totally worth the hard work!
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